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    Darren is the only driving instructor that I know that will jump start my car and take me out in it, he trusts me to drive properly and has the patience to help me when I make mistakes! Can’t wait to get to test standard…and I started driving 7 years ago!!! Five different instructors and I’ve found the right one thanks Darren.

    1st march 18 Facebook review DLM
    - Meeri . P
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    FANTASTIC instructor helped me a lot and made things so much easier. Would HIGHLY recommend !!

    23rd July 2015
    - Katie . B
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    After a disastrous first attempt in learning with a previous instructor 6 years ago (and promptly giving up after my first failed test) 
    I started re-learning with Darren and finally passed my test at the ripe old age of 24 after only 4 months training.
    Can’t recommend a better instructor , Darren has so much patience and such a friendly down to earth personality.
    Thankyou so much Darren I couldn’t have done it without you.

    Would highly recommend.

    19 Febuary 2016
    - Kimberley . L
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    Ok, so the run up to my test was going super smoothly until DVSA cancelled my test !! Changing it from Carmarthen to Swansea.
    As you can imagine I was completely freaking out as I have never driven there before, Darren put in so many hours , so many early morning starts he even shuffled other lessons around so he could pass on as much information as possible the day before the test.
    Test day came I was beyond nervous and Darren completley calmed me down and I passed my test first time with only 5 minor faults !!!
    I 100% could not have done it without him and after having a bad experience with another instructor , Darren was a breath of fresh air !

    7th October 2015
    - Demi . C
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    When I decided to learn with Darren, I was nervous behind the wheel as I had never driven a car before ! For a start I didn’t even understand what a clutch was !
    But through patience and good instructing, Darren taught me how to drive safely. And now I am driving and thriving all thanks to him, Darren is a great instructor and I highly recommend him.

    20th January 2016
    - Dean . K

our services

  • Help & advice with nervous drivers

    Having dealt with many nervous pupils who are frightened to get behind the wheel, I feel confident that I can motivate anyone to progress through to a driving test and be able to pass without any stress or worries and actually have fun on driving lessons.

  • Help towards theory goals

    Learning to drive practically is stressful enough , im able to help my pupils towards theory goals during practical lessons and offer advise and training on an online learning system.

  • Package deals

    Check out our list of packages with competitive discounts on 6 hours or more

  • 17 – 25 pass plus cymru courses

    This is a fantastic deal for anyone aged 17 – 25 who wants to get that bit extra out of driving and maintain high level of awareness and advanced skills throughout their driving career.
    The Swansea city council pass plus team offer an intensive theory based discussion course, once this is complete you join me in the car for a practical course.

  • Pateint friendly and relaxed approach

    I encourage my pupils to have fun and enjoy their lessons so they always feel calm and can tackle any goals.

  • Structured feedback analsis

    I have created an individual training spreadsheet which is tailored to each pupil, these get emailed after each lesson so you know exactly how well your training is progressing.

  • Pass Plus Course

    Even once you have passed your practical why not learn more advanced driving with the pass plus course which offers,

    • Motorway lessons
    • Country roads
    • Night driving
    • All weather driving
    • Night manoeuvres
    • Busy city driving
    • And many more

Patient relaxed and friendly approach

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